Alessandro Mandruzzato

Alessandro Mandruzzato, a fourth-generation glass master from a revered lineage, embodies the essence of Murano glass craftsmanship. With a passion cultivated under his father's guidance since the age of 15, Mandruzzato has refined traditional techniques, infusing them with innovation to create captivating artworks.

Specializing in shaping and incising cold glass, Mandruzzato's creations undergo a rigorous six to eight-stage artisanal process, resulting in objects of unparalleled beauty and significance. His pieces, characterized by geometric precision and elegant simplicity, adorn galleries and private collections worldwide.

Recipient of the prestigious "Globo Tricolore" award in 2012, Mandruzzato's name has become synonymous with authenticity and quality in Murano glass. Each piece bears the Vetro Artistico stamp, ensuring its authenticity and excellence.

Continuing a legacy spanning generations, Mandruzzato's artistry represents a fusion of tradition and contemporary flair, leaving an indelible mark on the history of Murano glassmaking.