Established in 2010 in France, Sensis designs and manufactures bespoke vino and cigar cellars in the luxury bracket. The products offered by Sensis range from award-winning free-standing units to custom wine cellars, combining the elegance of the French design with cutting-edge technology.  
Fueled by the founder’s passion for the fine things in life and a vision led by the tagline “Innovation for Tradition™”, Sensis continuously pushes the boudaries of design and technology to achieve state-of-the-art products meant to satisfy the requirements and expectations of the most discerning clients.
Sensis Signature is the design and manufacturing division for bespoke vino cellars.
With a unique ability to understand the clients’ profile and identify specific needs and preferences of savvy collectors, Sensis Signature has developed unique capabilities to achieve extraordinary levels in storage efficiency while creating beautiful showcase units to delight and surprise even those true connoisseurs who have seen it all.
Each Sensis Signature cellar is unique, designed to match the wine collection and storage requirements of each individual client, while beautifully complementing the interior design concept.
Since the days of inception, Sensis journey has been supported by an in-house Research & Development department, instrumental in innovating and patenting groundbreaking technological solutions that make these products unique. Sensis’ specialists deliver projects wherein the technology is seamlessly embedded into the final product: the design master takes advantage of the tremendous flexibility in the choice of materials, while the climate technology experts ensure adequate solutions are deployed to solve any project complexity.
Sensis manufacturing and delivery services cover the entire spectrum, with specialist engineers ensuring rigorous steps of quality control are followed for a seamless operational experience.
Sensis portfolio of bespoke vino cellars includes collaborations with celebrities, private clients as well as commissions for high-end hospitality and residential developments where the design has been led by world-famous interior architects and designers.