Aventurina Design by Silvia Finiels

A French-born artist with a background in fashion design and antique dealing, Silvia Finiels has progressed into glass design after she moved to Venice in 1987. Over the years, Silvia has developed a personal approach to glass design and created a highly individualized expression through her art.
Silvia’s journey in the field of glass design began with a fascination for antique and vintage Murano glass beads – mini-artifacts that had been created through sophisticated techniques that are now forgotten. This led her to start collecting glass pieces, while advancing her knowledge in glass production and glass art.
With a growing collection of valuable salvaged glass produced by Murano masters over the past century and an in-depth understanding of the relationship between light and color, Silvia started creating collections of beautifully sculpted glass lamps.
Silvia opened her own gallery in Venice in 2007 and launched Aventurina Design, her brand defined by the experiences of her life journey that has since allowed her to pursue her passion of reinterpreting classic works of glass that lend an edgy elegance to contemporary light objects and fixtures.
Silvia brings together volumes and shapes, colors and textures to achieve striking contemporary harmonies that stem from combining new glass with vintage gems.
Silvia’s glass sculptures incorporate glass objects once made for pioneering glass design houses such as Paolo Venini or Ettore Sottsas, highly sought after by savvy glass collectors.
Each piece is a unique work of art.
Silvia Finiels and Aventurina Design are exclusively represented by Bespoke Selections in the United Arab Emirates.