K-OVER creates a range of exquisite bottle coolers crafted in silver and noble metals for the most refined beverages – an innovative concept meant to elevate special moments and enhance the fine rituals of the art of living.

K-OVER is a brand created by P.M.P Firenze, a design and creation studio established by Master Silversmith Sergio Pacini in the heart of the Florentine Chianti, in 1978. For almost half a century, the house has been creating beautiful accessories handcrafted in precious metals under the guidance of Pacini family.

Speared today by Andrea Pacini, P.M.P Firenze draws on a craftsmanship heritage passed on through generations of passionate silversmiths. When creating the K-OVER brand, techniques such as spinning, embossing, carving or engraving have been revitalized and reinvented to create unique pieces exuding an understated contemporary elegance.

With designs inspired by a wide range of themes and motifs, the K-OVER bottle coolers are one-of-a-kind artifacts that surprise with unexpected cultural references, impeccable craftsmanship and certainly a striking presence.

Commissioning K-OVER to create a bespoke piece of art is an opportunity for you to witness your ideas and inspirations morphing into an exquisite gift object - the perfect expression of your vision, infused with the talent and creativity of K-OVER’s artists.

K-OVER artifacts have been exhibited at artistic and cultural events in Italy and abroad.

Bespoke Selections is K-OVER’s exclusive agent in the UAE.