Founded in Italy in 1958, Arcahorn has built a solid reputation for mastering the art of horn craftsmanship and transforming this unusual natural material into extraordinary works of art.

With an artistry heritage that blends traditional techniques with an elegant yet versatile contemporary aesthetics, Arcahorn offers an exclusive collection that ranges from luxury furniture to home décor and elegant accessories meant for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Merging classic elegance with contemporary elegance, the brand continuously pushes the boundaries of design, creating unique pieces that complement both modern and traditional interiors.

The meticulous process of crafting each Arcahorn piece involves extensive hand-finishing and precise detailing. Master artisans dedicate countless hours to perfect each creation, ensuring that the rich natural beauty of the horn is artfully preserved and showcased. This dedication to exceptional craftsmanship results in pieces that are not only functional, but also masterpieces in their own right.

The horn used in the Arcahorn creations comes exclusively from free-range Zebus that are bread in compliance with the ethological habits of the animal. Moreover, the selected species (Horn Bos Taurus) is not protected by the Washington convention and does not require CITES certificate.