El Casco – Spain

Drawing on a heritage spanning an entire century, El Casco’s journey started in Bilbao, Spain, in 1920 when it was established as a firearm factory. With a design and manufacturing philosophy focused on precision engineering, the firm shifted its focus towards designing and manufacturing luxury desktop accessories in the 1930s. Today, El Casco makes available a wide range of luxurious office and lifestyle objects with a classic design, exuding an elegant old-world glamour.
Constructed on steel chassis, these elegant accessories are engineered to last forever. Not a single rivet is used in the construction, with lifetime warrantee offered against manufacturing defects. Each item undergoes meticulous hand-polishing six times to ensure a flawless finish is achieved.
El Casco presents an extensive product lineup featuring luxurious finishes such as chrome or 23 kt gold-plating. More recently, to appeal to a wider audience, the portfolio has been enhanced with a variety of colors while preserving the timeless appeal of the classic deign.
Bespoke Selections is the El-Casco sole distributor in the Middle East.