Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica

Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica has been founded in Venice in 1980 by four brothers who inherited the passion for bronze sculpting from their father.

Driven by a vision to transform these traditional writing instruments into true artifacts, the secret of the Bortoletti success stems from their unique ability to bring together talented designers and skilled craftsmen. Bortoletti products are the outcome of a shared passion for tradition reinterpreted through a distinctive contemporary aesthetics, while keeping with the roots of Ventian artisan style.

The Fonderia has benefitted from long-term collaborations with prominent artists such as Elio Martella and Agostino Venturini, while the quality of these exquisite writing instruments reflects the experience accumulated over generations by the craftsmen involved in the crafting process. Bronze, Murono glass and rare woods are used for crafting these superb quills and accessories.

Entirely handmade in Italy.

Bespoke Selections is Bortoletti’s sole agent in the United Arab Emirates.