T.T.Trunks Paris

Bespoke Selections is the exclusive T.T.Trunks agent in the United Arab Emirates.
Established in Paris in 2010, T.T.Trunks is a designer and manufacturer of luxury trunks - extraordinary objects that explore and cultivate an elegant contemporary aesthetics while surprising with unexpected solutions to meet specific functionality requirements.
T.T.Trunks finds inspiration in the bustling cosmopolitan world around us: sharp silhouettes of skyscrapers, the buzz of streets, bursts of music and moments suspended in silence. The sensuality that comes from the texture of natural materials and the luxurious feel of those created by human imagination and skill.
Inventing worlds and moments beyond imagination, T.T.Trunks transcends the ordinary by exploring different facets of the everyday life. Its raison d’être is to ignite a dialogue between design visionaries, expert craftsmen and technology pioneers that results in extraordinary objects to be treasured and enjoyed.

T.T.Trunks Creations

Rooted in the French tradition of luxury expertise, T.T.Trunks has developed a variety of products ranging from luscious board games and leather goods to contemporary trunks and then further evolved to create unique furniture pieces and interior decorations, designed to fit specific interior design concepts. 

The trunks designed by T.T.Trunks are meant to appeal the very core of one’s passion: collectors of watches and luxury objects or cigar aficionados would find in T.T.Trunks creations the most luxurious storage solutions for their beloved treasures, while those inclined to social interaction would find the degustation trunks a wonderful addition to evening filled with laughter and conviviality. While trunk sizes have been thought through and diversified to meet one’s lifestyle requirements.

Focusing on creating unique moments for clients who wish to connect with these products at a very personal level, T.T.Trunks offers bespoke services that will further elevate a very exclusive experience.


T.T.Trunks Collaboration Portfolio

Private commissions and special collaborations have always been part of T.T.Trunks’ DNA and core offer in their journey of creating extraordinary objects.

The maison has built a strong portfolio based on collaborations with legendary brands such as Chaumet, Dom Perignon, Cos d’Estournel or Louis XIII and Neisson. Highly coveted hotel brands such as Le Bristol Paris, Courchevel les Airelles and the Four Seasons hotels or luxury car brands such as Rolls-Royce have also chosen T.T.Trunks as a partner in their journey.

Each and every collaboration has been based on a specific brief and resulted in distinctive products designed to create a unique brand expression meant to engage clients and guests into highly personal and memorable brand experiences.