Oska Murano

Oska Murano is a unique and luxurious gift: a makeup brush that brings together haut beauté, jewelry and art.
Designed and entirely handmade in Italy, Oska Murano creates luxury makeup brushes meant to exhilarate the senses. Each brush is carefully crafted using the finest materials and advanced engineering, resulting in brushes that are not only functional, but also works of art in their own right.
The Oska Murano creations are available in the UAE, exclusively through Bespoke Selections.
The Oska Murano brushes are designed to provide exceptional performance. The brush bristles are made from the highest quality synthetic fibers that are soft, flexible, with memory shape and hypoallergenic. The brush shapes and sizes are carefully selected to ensure they are versatile enough for a wide range of makeup applications.
Art and jewelry:
The brushes come with a ferrule which is either gold plated, silver plated or enameled. The ferrule is married to a handle showcasing a range of beautiful finishes for choice, from metal plating and enamel to exquisite Murano glass work. Some handles are embellished with beautiful crystals for stunning effects. Depending on the model, a bejeweled ring adorned with semi-precious stones brings the ensemble together.
Bespoke pieces:
Oska Murano has a unique ability to create amazing artifacts, reflecting the personal tastes and preferences. Moreover, collection items can be elevated to masterpiece level with precious stones set in solid gold.
Oska Murano ensures its designs and innovative technologies, as well as your investment, are protected through trademarks, patents and registered designs.
The Ultimate Luxury Gift:
Showcasing a unique blend of art and jewelry with functionality, an Oska Murano makeup brush will certainly become a luxury gift to impress the most discerning ones. Each brush is presented in a luxury gift box and includes a certificate of authenticity.
Whether you are looking to treat yourself or someone special, Oska Murano makeup brushes are meant to impress.