For some time now, the trend of luxury consumers favoring super-skilled niche designers has been gaining traction. The popularity of made-to-order products has increased, with brands battling for space in this emerging market.
And then Covid hit.
The online space has become the place to be. It is convenient, fast and cost effective.
From grocery shopping to high-end labels, online shopping has been taking the world by storm. Customer service quality is not measured anymore by how knowledgeable or forthcoming the sales personnel is, but by the ability to deliver within the shortest time or the return policy flexibility. The shopping experience is slowly becoming devoid of human interaction, the dialog is fading.
And then Covid hit. Again. And again.
The past two years have been a crazy roller-coaster for everyone. With the world changing at neck breaking speed, most of us have embarked on a journey of redefining values and self-discovery.
We are all emerging stronger, with a new sense of reality and a better sense of individuality.
We have become more conscious of our vulnerabilities and, at the same time, more aware of our resilience and capabilities.
Today, we know more. We want better. We want to be involved into meaningful conversations with more approachable brands. Brands that listen.
Being part of the creative journey when designing extraordinary objects for self is increasingly seen as an investment – an investment in things made to last as well as an investment in building that personal brand expressing one’s unique individuality. Adding into the mix a heightened emotional involvement that comes with the bespoke process, these objects that are so “you” will certainly become your lifetime companions and will be treasured by generations to come. 
We thus welcome you to Bespoke Selections – the luxury gift concierge that aims to open new shopping avenues for individuals and corporate brands alike.