Marlen Pens | Limited Edition Pen | Il David

AED 5,450AED 5,890

A masterpiece of Renaissance art, David by Michelangelo is often considered a symbol of perfection associated with Italian artistry. This has been artistically represented on this limited edition fine writing instrument where the lid and barrel are made of white celluloid with a silver band that depicts David. The silver clip resembles the shape of a chisel, an homage to the humble tool that allowed the great Renaissance artist to produce his masterpieces.


  • MATERIALS: Italian White Celluloid, Italian Resin, Silver
  • FILLING SYSTEM: FP: Piston | RB: Refill P5888
  • NIB TYPE: 14K Gold Nib | No. 6
  • COLLECTION: FP: 388 PCS | RB: 288 PCS

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