The Art of Corporate Gifting

A powerful tool for brand building, reconnecting with stakeholders or strengthening relationships, corporate gifting can certainly be more than just a token of appreciation.
All too often, pressured by time, habit or internal perceptions – interestingly, budgets do not seem to be really the issue – companies fall into the trap of gifting generic branded objects that do little to create an impression with the stakeholders and end up binned or passed on. Most recently, we have seen CEOs of prominent organizations inundated by tens of date boxes during the holy month of Ramadan, gifts that were quickly dispersed and certainly never remembered. 
With this in mind, at Bespoke Selections – the luxury gift concierge – , we aim to always stay different. We believe corporate gifting is an opportunity to create unforgettable moments of joy and surprise. A chance for our clients to reaffirm their corporate brand values in creative ways by making a clear statement: “we care to make the effort”.
Just like we understand people, we understand brands, their values and their respective audiences. We understand special occasions as well as glamorous events. With an ever-expanding portfolio of brands and driven by the desire to search beyond the beaten path, we specialize in conceptualizing and curating truly special corporate gifts for our clients. Those gifts that CEOs and influencers would share on their Instagram stories for all to remember.
We also love compelling stories. An essential tool in today’s marketing-scape, storytelling enables us to share the intent and thoughtfulness at the root of each gift creation.  Our corporate gift concepts are backed by personalized letters that decode the gift symbolism and emphasize its brand connections and special value.
Last but not least, we know that first impressions matter and certainly the gift presentation is key. Our packaging solutions are diverse yet always attractive, from ultra-luxurious gift boxes crafted in genuine leather or a variety of PU textures, to wooden coffers or more affordable cases. Always on brand yet meant to surprise at first sight.
As a specialist gift concierge, we are always ready to help our clients achieve their business goals through corporate gifting initiatives by creating memorable moments for their stakeholders and reinstating the brand values in unexpected ways.
When will you gift next?