Marlen Pens | Limited Edition Pen | Imperium Romanum

AED 6,425AED 8,075

A collection created to celebrate the empire that had been at the very root of western civilizations.

Dressed in the imperial red color of the Roman Empire, the body of the pen has been carved from a solid blocks of Italian resin. The large central ring of the barrel reproduces the effigy of Augustus in silver. The silver ring on the lid states the dates that generally identify the beginning and the end of the empire. The silver clip is set with a small, hand chiseled wooden piece, its shape symbolically reminding us of the Roman dagger.


  • MATERIALS: Italian Resin, Silver, Brass, Wood
  • FILLING SYSTEM: FP: Piston | RB: Refill P5888 NIB
  • TYPE: 14K Gold Nib | No. 6
  • COLLECTION: FP: 395 PCS | RB: 295 PCS

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