Marlen Pens | Limited Edition Pen | Gens Pompeia

AED 5,945AED 7,015

This limited edition represents a luxurious interpretation of the epic journey of the ancient city of Pompeii. The pen is built from large pearly resin bands in “Pompei Red” color. The large central ring of the barrel is a bronze low-relief work which depicts the famous “Bacchants” fresco, discovered inside the “Villa of Mistery”. The clip and the small rings have been crafted in brass; a cabochon ruby has been set at the top of the lid.


  • MATERIALS: Italian Resin, Bronze, Cabochon Ruby, Brass
  • FILLING SYSTEM: FP: Piston | RB: Refill P5888
  • NIB TYPE: 14K Gold Nib | No. 6
  • COLLECTION: FP: 600 PCS | RB: 600 PCS

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